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Tirunelveli Under Water : Tamil Nadu Faces Deluge as Tamraparni River Breaches Danger Mark, See 5 Pictures

Tirunelveli Under Water : Heavy Rains Create Flood-Like Situation, Buildings Submerged; Indian Navy and Army Launch Rescue Operations

Chennai, 20 December (City Times): (Tirunelveli Under Water) : Relentless heavy rains continue to wreak havoc in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli district, causing the Tamraparni River to breach the danger mark. The ensuing flood-like situation has submerged buildings and disrupted normal life. The Indian Navy and Army have initiated large-scale rescue and relief operations to assist the affected population.

Flooded Scenes and Building Submergence

Visuals obtained by ANI depict the severity of the situation, with some buildings succumbing to the rising waters as the Tamraparni River exceeds the danger mark. The continuous downpour, spanning December 18 and 19, has contributed to the escalation of the crisis, prompting authorities to take swift action. (Tirunelveli Under Water)

Tirunelveli Under Water

Indian Navy and Air Force’s Response

In response to the emergent situation, the Indian Navy personnel were deployed at Srivaikundam railway station in Thoothukudi. The Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) was utilized to distribute food and relief materials to around 500 stranded individuals. The Indian Air Force (IAF) also played a pivotal role, with MI-17 V5 helicopters engaged in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations. (Tirunelveli Flood Crisis)

Southern Railway Chief PRO B Guganesan provided insights into the rescue efforts, stating, “We had 3 choppers of the Indian Air Force. They dropped food and relief material for all these passengers. NDRF also reached in the morning and started the evacuation process, they have identified a route by which the passengers can be taken out from the station.” Railways arranged 13 buses for transportation, facilitating the evacuation of stranded individuals. (Tirunelveli Under Water)

Tirunelveli Under Water

Army’s Involvement in Flood Relief

The Indian Army, specifically the ‘Madras Regimental Centre’ under HQ Dakshin Bharat Area, was inducted for flood relief operations on December 18 and 19 in Tuticorin District. The army delivered 550 food packets to marooned individuals at Karungulam village, highlighting the collaborative efforts between the state government and the Centre to address the crisis. (Tirunelveli Flood Crisis)

Extensive Rainfall and Ongoing Relief Efforts

Tamil Nadu witnessed unprecedented rains on December 18, causing extensive flooding in Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi districts. The state government and the IAF responded swiftly to tackle the situation. As heavy rain wreaked havoc in Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli, Tenkasi, and Kanyakumari, the joint rescue and relief operation continues to operate, demonstrating a commitment to helping those affected. (Tirunelveli Under Water) (Tirunelveli Flood Crisis)

The situation remains dynamic, with ongoing operations along Thiruchendur road ahead of Karungulam. The relief efforts include the deployment of special trains, medical and catering teams, emphasizing the multi-faceted response to the crisis. The collaborative efforts of the armed forces and civil authorities underscore the collective determination to mitigate the impact of the deluge on Tamil Nadu’s affected regions. (Tirunelveli Flood Crisis)

Conclusion: The relentless heavy rains in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli district, leading to the Tamraparni River breaching its danger mark, have plunged the region into a flood crisis. Buildings are submerged, and normal life is severely disrupted. Swift and coordinated efforts from the Indian Navy, Army, and Air Force, along with the state government, are underway for rescue and relief operations. The images of buildings underwater and the joint response from armed forces highlight the urgency and severity of the situation. As the rains persist, the collaborative efforts aim to mitigate the impact on the affected population.

The incessant heavy rains in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, have led to a severe flood-like situation, impacting the lives of residents. The Tamraparni River breached the danger mark, submerging buildings and causing distress. The Indian Navy and Air Force, along with the state government, are actively involved in relief operations, rescuing stranded individuals and providing essential supplies. The situation remains critical, emphasizing the need for ongoing support and concerted efforts to mitigate the effects of the flooding.(Tirunelveli Under Water) (Tirunelveli Flood Crisis)

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