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“Major Wildlife Trafficking Bust: 8 Arrested with Four Leopard Skins in Jammu & Kashmir’s Srinagar”

“DRI Cracks Down on Illegal Wildlife Trade Network in Srinagar” (Leopard Skins)

“Leopards Poached from Ladakh, Doda, and Uri: Shocking Details Emerge”

Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, 13 August (City Times): (Leopard Skins) In a groundbreaking operation, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has successfully apprehended eight individuals involved in the illicit trade of wildlife and seized four valuable leopard skins. The operation, which took place in Srinagar, has exposed a deeply entrenched network of wildlife traffickers operating within the region. The DRI’s meticulous investigation, marked by undercover negotiations and strategic interceptions, has shed light on the rampant poaching of leopards in areas like Ladakh, Doda, and Uri.

Cracking the Trafficking Ring

Acting on specific intelligence regarding an illegal wildlife trade network in Srinagar, the DRI swiftly launched an operation to dismantle the criminal syndicate responsible for the poaching and trafficking of leopard skins. Leading the charge, the Mumbai Zonal Unit’s (Goa Regional Unit) DRI teams discreetly infiltrated the network.

Undercover Negotiations Yield Critical Leads

In a bid to apprehend the perpetrators red-handed, DRI officers posed as potential buyers of the contraband leopard skins. After intense rounds of negotiations, the traffickers cautiously presented a leopard skin at a pre-arranged location near Srinagar’s Dalgate. However, the law enforcement officers, maintaining vigilant surveillance, intercepted an individual in possession of the illicit merchandise at the designated spot. The captured suspect’s cooperation led to the subsequent interception of another accomplice at a public site in Srinagar.

Nightlong Operation Yields Fruitful Results

As negotiations persisted with another faction of the trafficking ring, DRI agents engaged in an overnight dialogue that ultimately coerced the traffickers into agreeing to bring three more leopard skins to a predetermined meeting point. In a meticulously orchestrated operation, DRI agents successfully intercepted three individuals transporting the contraband leopard skins. The captured individuals provided crucial information that led to the identification and subsequent interception of three additional suspects at another public location.

A Shocking Discovery: Police Constable Among the Culprits

The operation culminated in the apprehension of eight individuals, a startling revelation that included the involvement of a serving police constable.

Preserving Wildlife: A Collective Effort

The seized contraband, along with the eight arrested individuals, were promptly handed over to the officials of the Department of Wildlife Protection, Jammu & Kashmir. This crucial step is in line with the provisions of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972, and signifies the commitment of law enforcement agencies to safeguard the region’s rich biodiversity.

The successful operation carried out by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence has dealt a severe blow to the illegal wildlife trade network in Srinagar. This commendable effort stands as a testament to the determination of law enforcement to thwart wildlife trafficking and protect endangered species. As investigations continue, it is hoped that this operation will serve as a stark warning to those who seek to profit from the destruction of our natural heritage.

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