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AIIMS: Traffic Mismanagement, Encroachment, and Green Belt Absence Contribute to AIIMS P0llution Woes

New Delhi Municipal Council Identifies Key Pollution Factors Near AIIMS

Proposed Short-Term and Long-Term Solutions Aim to Curb Pollution

New Delhi, 14 Sep (City Times): The pollution woes plaguing the vicinity of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi are attributed to a combination of factors, according to a recent report submitted by the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) to the National Green Tribunal (NGT).

A Multifaceted Problem:

The report identifies several critical factors contributing to the air pollution near AIIMS. These include poor traffic management, encroachment by street vendors, the absence of a green belt, and challenges related to dust control at nearby construction sites.

NGT’s Investigative Committee:

Earlier this year, the NGT formed a committee to investigate the pollution issue near AIIMS. It tasked various agencies with conducting surveys in the area and providing action plans to combat pollution.

NDMC’s Efforts and Recommendations:

In its report, NDMC acknowledges taking certain steps to address the pollution concerns near AIIMS. The council has also proposed a range of measures to mitigate the problem.

Short-Term Measures:

NDMC recommends short-term actions such as the removal of encroachments from MG Road and Aurobindo Marg. Additionally, it suggests the establishment of permanent vending areas at select locations. Improved traffic plans and enhanced parking facilities are also on the short-term agenda.

Long-Term Solutions:

The council emphasizes the importance of devising long-term solutions, including better traffic management strategies and more efficient parking provisions. One notable proposal involves transforming a stretch near AIIMS as part of a smart streetscaping project to permanently address encroachment concerns.

Addressing Traffic and Encroachment:

NDMC’s report points out that the encroachment issue has led to reduced vehicle speeds in areas like Yusuf Sarai and Gautam Nagar. It highlights the prevalence of street parking on almost all roads surrounding AIIMS, along with permanent structures like shops and transformers that hinder the right of way.

The Green Belt Initiative:

One significant revelation in the report is the absence of a green belt around the AIIMS premises. To rectify this, NDMC and the forest department plan to collaborate with AIIMS for the development of a green belt. While some bougainvillea plants and flowering shrubs have been planted in the area, a more comprehensive greening effort is on the horizon.

Managing Waste and Dust Control:

The report underscores the daily removal of garbage near AIIMS and recognizes the ongoing construction and renovation activities contributing to dust emissions. Specifically, it highlights the need for effective dust control measures in areas like Aurobindo Marg on Ring Road, where construction and demolition waste is a daily concern.

NGT’s Prior Involvement:

In July, the NGT had instructed an eight-member joint committee to implement recommendations from the School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) aimed at controlling sources of air pollution around AIIMS. SPA had previously identified issues like traffic congestion, irregular parking, encroachment, poor service road conditions, and vehicle-pedestrian conflicts as major contributors to air pollution in the vicinity.

The NDMC’s comprehensive report and proposed measures reflect a collective effort to address and rectify the complex issues causing air pollution near AIIMS, ultimately aiming to improve the quality of life for residents and patients in the area.

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