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Amit Shah Questioned Motive Behind the No Confidence Motion In Parliament

Amit Shah Said- This No Confidence Motion is an attempt to misguide the public

New Delhi, 09 August(City Times): Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, took the floor in the Lok Sabha today during the deliberations on an opposition-proposed no-confidence motion. Shah delivered a series of notable remarks during his address: He acknowledged the customary use of no-confidence motions by the opposition to gauge the government’s majority. Shah reiterated the prevailing confidence that both the government and the assembly hold in Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While these motions generally serve as platforms for policy and decision debates, he questioned the motivations behind this specific motion, suggesting it was driven by revolutionary fervor.

Prime Minister Modi works 17-hours a day

Amit Shah categorically dismissed the motion as an attempt to misguide the public. He emphasized that both the house and the citizens have unwavering faith in the government’s ability to lead. He underscored the historical significance of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) as the first post-independence government to secure a two-thirds majority, reflecting the trust placed by the people. Shah also highlighted Prime Minister Modi’s formidable work ethic, substantiated by global surveys and his consistent 17-hour workdays.

Reiterated PM Modi’s transformative mantras

The Home Minister Amit Shah reiterated PM Modi’s transformative mantra: “Corruption quit India, dynastic politics quit India, appeasement quit India.” He viewed the no-confidence motion as an essential constitutional process that exposes the true nature of political alliances. Shah contrasted the present governance with the previous decades marked by dynastic politics, corruption, and casteism. He emphasized PM Modi’s commitment to performance-driven politics that have reshaped the country’s trajectory.

Recalled a pivotal moment during Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Reign

Drawing from history, Shah recalled a pivotal moment during Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s 1999 government. He highlighted the BJP’s principled stance against resorting to bribery to secure a motion, even in the face of a narrow defeat. Despite the loss, the party subsequently returned with a resounding majority. Shah urged for a discerning public that recognizes actions over rhetoric. He underscored the divergence between developmental politics pursued by the NDA and the practices of some parties resorting to bribery to preserve their governance and principles.

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