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BJP Protests in Tamil Nadu Over Tragic Murder Of 4 Member Of Same Family in Tiruppur; Annmalai Said- CM Stalin Should talk about domestic problems First

BJP Protests in Tamil Nadu: Led by their president, K Annamalai, the BJP has mobilized a protest to vehemently condemn this act of violence and demand justice for the victims.

Chennai,04 September(City Times):BJP Protests in Tamil Nadu : In the wake of a gruesome incident in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu, where four members of a family were brutally hacked to death, the state’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chapter has taken a resolute stand against the shocking crime. This heart-wrenching incident claimed the lives of Mohanraj, his younger brother, mother, and aunt, sending shockwaves throughout the region.

Outrage Against the DMK Government

The BJP state chief, K Annamalai criticized the DMK government’s handling of the situation. He raised poignant questions, asking how many more civilians must lose their lives before the DMK government reconsiders its decision to open liquor shops on every street, promoting the sale of unregulated alcohol. The tragic incident has put a spotlight on the perilous consequences of such policies and the need for immediate action.(BJP Protests in Tamil Nadu)

Chief Minister Stalin Under Scrutiny

K Annamalai also took aim at Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister, MK Stalin, for what he perceived as an insensitive stance. He said that at a time when the state is grappling with daily murders and law and order appears to be in disarray, Annamalai questioned the appropriateness of Chief Minister Stalin branding himself as the “number one Chief Minister.” The situation on the ground, marred by escalating violence, calls for a different kind of leadership.

Demanding Swift Justice

Amidst their protest, the BJP is making a fervent appeal for the swift arrest and prosecution of those responsible for the heinous crime. They argue that the police, often constrained by political influences, should be allowed to function independently and ensure the safety of the public. The tragic loss of four innocent lives has shaken the community, and the BJP is steadfast in its determination to see justice served in this harrowing case.

Impact Of Mercenaries Has Increased In Tamil Nadu: Annamalai

Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai has insisted that Chief Minister Stalin should talk about Tamil Nadu instead of talking about India. Annamalai gave an interview to reporters at Thoothukudi District Airport where he said that the The impact of mercenaries has increased in Tamil Nadu. Drinking habit has increased. The government should pay attention to all this. Ignoring all this, Chief Minister Stalin should first talks about Tamil Nadu after that he should talk about India.

We always say that if we talk about domestic problems, the problem will be solved. There are many problems in the country. There are so many problems in Tamil Nadu like ganja, drinking and sickle culture. Chief Minister Stalin should talk about all this.

India has 142 crore people who practise their own faith. Chief Minister Stalin has understood that if he asks for votes on the issue of Tamil Nadu in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, he will not get a single vote.

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