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Ghaziabad Viral Video: Ghaziabad Pistol Drama: 4 Youth Arrested After Shocking Visual Of Brandishing Weapon Openly From A Moving Car on NH 9 Emerged In Social Media

Ghaziabad Viral Video : The video’s rapid circulation on various social media platforms has sparked widespread concern and discussion among the public.

Ghaziabad Viral Video: The investigation revealed that the pistol brandished in the video was, in fact, a deceptive lighter.

Ghaziabad, 20 November (City Times): Ghaziabad Viral Video: Law and order concerns arise as a video circulates on social media, capturing a man brandishing a pistol from a moving car near NH 24 Siddharth Vihar, Ghaziabad. This incident raises questions about public safety and the effectiveness of law enforcement in Uttar Pradesh. In intial investigation it came to light that the pistol used for brandishing was not original But a Lighter.

GZB Viral Video

The video, first shared on X by user @sonusinghpal, portrays a young man confidently waving a pistol from a moving car. This shocking display of audacity has sparked public outrage and concerns about the state of law and order in the region. Shocking Visual Of Brandishing Weapon Openly From A Moving Car on NH 9 is widely Criticized.

Ghaziabad Pistol Incident Social Media Outcry

The clip has quickly gained traction on various social media platforms, with users expressing their disbelief and concerns over the apparent lack of fear of the law. The incident in question occurred on November 17 near NH 24 Siddharth Vihar.

Pistol prank in Ghaziabad Official Response

Responding to the public uproar, ‘DCP City Commissionerate Ghaziabad’ (@DCPCityGZB) acknowledged the incident and assured swift action. Inspector Vijaynagar was promptly instructed to investigate the matter, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

Ghaziabad Pistol Drama: The Incident Unravelled

The video captures a daring act where a person inside a moving SUV flaunts a pistol openly, challenging the Ghaziabad Police. The incident took place on NH 9, with the video recorded by an individual driving behind the provocative vehicle.

Following the incident, Vijayanagar police acted swiftly, tracing the vehicle and arresting four youths – Lakshya, Akshay, Krishna, and Satvik – all residents of Vasundhara. The arrested individuals, pursuing their graduation, were found with a pistol-like lighter, albeit made of metal, resembling a real firearm.

Upholding Law and Accountability

The incident, though initially alarming, revealed the pistol was a deceptive lighter. Nevertheless, the authorities have taken legal action against the youths for their reckless behaviour and the creation of such misleading videos.

The viral video of a person waving a pistol in Ghaziabad brings into focus the challenges faced by law enforcement in maintaining public order. While the incident turned out to involve a deceptive lighter, the response from the authorities underscores the commitment to uphold the law and ensure accountability.

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