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Lok Sabha session: Government Prepared to Address Manipur Issue: Home Minister Amit Shah Asserts in Lok Sabha

Government’s Commitment to Address the Manipur Crisis Amidst Opposition Uproar (Lok Sabha session)

New Delhi, July 24 (City Times) : During the Lok Sabha session on Monday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah expressed the government’s willingness to engage in a discussion regarding the sensitive Manipur issue.

Both Ruling and Opposition Call for Discussion

Minister Amit Shah stated that both the ruling party and the opposition have requested a discussion on the contentious Manipur matter. He expressed his readiness for such a debate in the house, expressing confusion over the opposition’s reluctance to engage in the discussion.

Appeal for Transparency and Truth

The Home Minister urged the opposition members to allow a discussion on the delicate issue as the nation deserves to know the truth behind the situation in Manipur.

Adjournment Amid Opposition Uproar

As Opposition members continued their uproar over the Manipur issue on the third day of the monsoon session of Parliament, the Lok Sabha was adjourned until 11 am on Tuesday.

Opposition’s Demand for Discussion and PM Modi’s Statement

The opposition has persistently demanded a comprehensive discussion on the Manipur situation and sought a statement from Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the matter.

Unrest in the Lok Sabha Proceedings

The Lok Sabha proceedings were marked by pandemonium as the opposition demanded a detailed discussion on the Manipur issue. Several opposition MPs raised slogans in the house, expressing their concern.

PM Modi’s Stand on the Manipur Incident

During the inaugural day of the session, PM Modi addressed the Parliament complex and publicly condemned the violent incident in Manipur. He called for stronger laws and stringent action against crimes, especially those committed against women.

Opposition’s Call for PM Modi’s Statement in Parliament

Despite PM Modi’s address, the Opposition parties insisted on a more elaborate statement from him on the Manipur issue before engaging in any discussion. The central government agreed to hold a discussion in Parliament but considered the demand for a statement from PM Modi as a “caveat for disruption.”

Nationwide Outrage over Manipur Incident

The incident in Manipur, where two women were paraded naked and sexually assaulted by a mob, triggered nationwide outrage after a disturbing video of the incident surfaced online.

Ethnic Clashes in Manipur

The crisis in Manipur began with ethnic clashes on May 3 during a rally organized by the All Tribals Students Union (ATSU).The demonstration aimed to voice opposition to the plea for incorporating Meiteis into the roster of Scheduled Tribes (ST).

Progress in the Case

Following the incident on May 4, the police filed a case of abduction, gang rape, and murder at the Nongpok Sekmai police station in Manipur against unidentified individuals. Several arrests have been made in connection with the incident since then.

Opposition’s Demands Continue

MPs from the newly formed Opposition alliance I.N.D.I.A or Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance, including AAP’s Sanjay Singh and Congress’ Gaurav Gogoi, held banners with “INDIA demands PM statement in both houses” written on them and raised slogans against the PM.

As the situation in Manipur remains sensitive, the government faces increasing pressure to address the issue transparently and take appropriate action against those responsible for the heinous crimes.

As the Manipur crisis continues to evoke strong reactions and demands for transparency, the government’s willingness to engage in a discussion marks a crucial step towards resolving the sensitive issue. With both the ruling party and the opposition calling for a detailed debate, Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s appeal for transparency and the nation’s right to know the truth has intensified the parliamentary proceedings. However, the opposition’s insistence on a statement from Prime Minister Narendra Modi before any discussion poses a challenge. As the nation awaits further developments, the gravity of the incident and its impact on ethnic relations in Manipur underscore the need for a comprehensive and inclusive dialogue to seek justice and ensure a safer future for all.

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