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Mann ki Baat: Prime Minister Modi Calls for Unified Action Against Drug Addiction on Mann ki Baat

India’s Vigorous Anti-Drug Efforts and Collective Responsibility (Mann ki Baat)

New Delhi, July 30 (City Times) : In a heartfelt appeal during the 103rd episode of his popular radio show Mann ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the pressing issue of drug addiction, recognizing it as a significant problem that affects not only individual families but also the entire society. Urging citizens to unite in their fight against drug abuse, PM Modi emphasized the need to safeguard the future generations of the country from the perils of addiction.

The Indian government’s resolute stand against drug trafficking and abuse has yielded impactful results. Just two weeks ago, India executed a massive operation against drugs, leading to the seizure and destruction of an astounding 1.5 lakh kg of illicit substances. Additionally, the country created a unique record by destroying 10 lakh kg of drugs, which had an estimated value of over Rs 12,000 crore. PM Modi extended his appreciation to all those contributing to the noble campaign of de-addiction, underlining the importance of collaborative efforts to overcome this menace. (Mann ki Baat)

Acknowledging the critical role of the youth in combating drug abuse, the Prime Minister cited successful initiatives in Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab. Various programs, such as Musical Nights and bike rallies, have been launched in Jammu and Kashmir to engage the youth in raising awareness about the dangers of drug addiction. Chandigarh has embraced the Victory Against Drug Abuse (VADA) clubs, linking local clubs to spread the anti-drug message effectively.

The ‘NashaMukt Bharat Abhiyan,’ launched on August 15, 2020, has witnessed enthusiastic participation from over 11 crore people across the country. This massive campaign against drug abuse has been instrumental in driving public awareness and encouraging individuals to lead drug-free lives. (Mann ki Baat)

Amidst the challenges posed by recent natural calamities, PM Modi applauded the collective efforts demonstrated by the citizens, NDRF jawans, and local administrations in combating floods across various regions of India. He highlighted that India’s capabilities and resources, combined with a spirit of cooperation and sensitivity, have played a pivotal role in effectively tackling such disasters.

Promoting a green and sustainable future, the Prime Minister stressed the significance of tree plantation and water conservation. The country has seen the construction of over 60 thousand Amrit Sarovars (lakes) during the ‘Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav,’ with ongoing efforts to build more than 50 thousand additional lakes. PM Modi celebrated the achievement of Uttar Pradesh in planting a remarkable 30 crore trees in a single day, underscoring the power of public participation in environmental conservation.

With a passionate appeal to preserve biodiversity, PM Modi reminded listeners that caring for nature should be a shared responsibility. Even individual efforts towards ecological preservation can yield meaningful results and contribute to the well-being of the planet.

Reflecting on recent changes in Haj policy, the Prime Minister expressed his delight at receiving numerous letters from Muslim women who have performed the pilgrimage, a testament to the empowerment of women and their increased participation in religious activities. (Mann ki Baat)

Uttarakhand’s women were also commended for their dedicated efforts in preserving the cultural heritage of ‘Bhojpatra,’ and turning it into beautiful artifacts, thereby honoring the rich history of India’s scriptures and books.

As India prepares for the ‘Meri Mati Mera Desh’ campaign, PM Modi shared that the initiative aims to honor the nation’s martyred bravehearts through various programs held across the country. The ‘Amrit Kalash Yatra’ will carry soil and saplings from different regions of the country to create the ‘Amrit Vatika’ near the National War Memorial in Delhi. This symbolic journey will further strengthen the spirit of unity and remembrance for the sacrifices made by our brave soldiers. (Mann ki Baat)

With India celebrating the ongoing Amrit Mahotsav and the upcoming Independence Day, the nation stands united, drawing strength from collective efforts, and embracing the spirit of Sarvajan Hitaaya – for the benefit of all – that defines the true essence of India.

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