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Congress Outdated Ideology Under Fire

PM Modi Attacks Congress : Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a scathing critique of the Congress party, labeling its ideology as outdated during his address in the Rajya Sabha.

PM Modi Attacks Congress : Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a scathing critique of the Congress party, labeling its ideology as outdated during his address in the Rajya Sabha. He asserted that recent events have affirmed his belief that the grand old party has failed to evolve with the times, accusing it of outsourcing its work and lacking a clear leader or policy. Expressing discontent with the party’s direction, PM Modi highlighted its rapid decline despite decades of governance.

Questioning Congress’s Credibility

PM Modi questioned the credibility of a party that has historically resorted to divisive tactics based on caste and language while now attempting to lecture on democracy and federalism. He accused the Congress of undermining democracy by dissolving democratically elected governments overnight and fostering terrorism and separatism for its own gain. Additionally, he criticized the party for neglecting national security and hindering the modernization of the country’s armed forces.

Spreading a Negative Narrative

The Prime Minister accused the Congress of perpetuating a negative narrative about India, leading to an inferiority complex among those who uphold Indian culture and values. He condemned the party for glorifying foreign-made products while neglecting initiatives like “Vocal for Local” and “Aatmanirbhar Bharat.” PM Modi emphasized the need to prioritize the welfare of marginalized groups such as youth, women, the poor, and farmers, highlighting their shared challenges and aspirations.

PM Modi criticized the Congress for maintaining a colonial mindset even after independence, citing its failure to reform laws inherited from the British and its perpetuation of colonial-era practices like the red beacon culture. He questioned the party’s allegiance to British influences and its reluctance to embrace indigenous symbols and traditions.

Caste-Census Controversy

The Prime Minister dismissed the Congress’s advocacy for caste-based census, highlighting its failure to provide complete reservation to OBCs and neglect of social justice issues during its tenure. He criticized the party’s selective awarding of Bharat Ratna and its lack of consistency in leadership, contrasting it with his administration’s commitment to decisive governance and economic growth.

PM Modi highlighted his government’s achievements in steering India to become one of the top five economies globally, contrasting it with the policy paralysis and economic fragility witnessed during the Congress rule. He emphasized the significance of bold and decisive decision-making in shaping India’s trajectory and thanked President Droupadi Murmu for her address, which underscored India’s potential and bright future.

In his no-holds-barred attack on the Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi showcased the ideological divergence between his administration and the opposition party. By highlighting the shortcomings of the Congress’s governance and contrasting it with his government’s achievements, PM Modi aimed to bolster public confidence in his leadership and vision for India’s future. Despite political differences, the discourse underscores the importance of accountability, vision, and inclusive governance in shaping India’s trajectory.

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