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“PM Modi G20 Speech: India’s Digital Transformation Charting a Course for a Secure and Inclusive Future”

“PM Modi Vision: India’s Digital Transformation on the Global Stage”

New Delhi, 19 August (City Times): (PM Modi) In an era characterized by rapid technological advancements and digital innovation, India has emerged as a beacon of transformation in the digital landscape. With a staggering 850 million internet users, the country boasts some of the world’s most affordable data costs, underlining the sheer scale and speed of India’s digital revolution. This remarkable journey was celebrated and elucidated by none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his address to the G20 Digital Economy Ministers’ meeting. His visionary speech encapsulated India’s exceptional strides in the digital realm and outlined a blueprint for a secure, inclusive, and prosperous digital future.

India’s Digital Transformation: A Global Showcase

In a significant address to the G20 Digital Economy Ministers’ meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated India’s remarkable digital transformation. With a staggering 850 million internet users in the country, India boasts some of the world’s most affordable data costs. This achievement underscores the magnitude, swiftness, and extent of India’s digital journey.

Digital India: A Catalyst for Change

PM Modi attributed this transformation to the initiation of the Digital India program in 2015, which has propelled India’s digital progress over the past nine years. He highlighted the program’s focus on utilizing technology for governance enhancement and illustrated its success with the example of Aadhaar. Additionally, he shed light on the JAM trinity—Jan Dhan bank accounts, Aadhaar, and Mobile—and how it has played a pivotal role in the Direct Benefits Transfer, effectively plugging leakages in the system.

Transparency Through Digitalization

The Prime Minister underscored the role of fully digitized taxation systems in promoting transparency and e-governance. This digital transition has not only streamlined governance but also made it more accountable.

Towards a Transparent Digital Ecosystem

PM Modi expressed his satisfaction with the creation of a G20 virtual Global Digital Public Infrastructure Repository. He emphasized that progress in establishing a Common Framework for Digital Public Infrastructure will pave the way for a transparent, accountable, and equitable digital ecosystem that benefits all.

Security Challenges in the Digital Age

While acknowledging the immense potential of the digital economy, PM Modi didn’t shy away from recognizing the security threats and challenges it presents. He emphasized the imperative of forging a collective agreement on the G20’s High-Level Principles, aimed at fortifying a digital economy that is secure, dependable, and adaptable.

Financial Inclusion Milestone

Earlier in the day, PM Modi celebrated a remarkable milestone—over 50 crore Jan Dhan accounts. Notably, 67% of these accounts have been opened in rural and semi-urban areas. Modi lauded this achievement as a testament to financial inclusion reaching every corner of the nation, with a significant portion belonging to women.

Bhashini: Bridging Language Divides

Highlighting India’s diversity, PM Modi introduced Bhashini, an AI-powered language translation platform. It aims to promote digital inclusion by overcoming language barriers across India’s linguistically diverse landscape.

India’s Digital Innovation for Global Challenges

PM Modi underscored the significance of India’s Digital Public Infrastructure, highlighting its capacity to provide scalable, secure, and all-encompassing solutions to address global challenges effectively. He noted that India’s rich diversity serves as an ideal testing ground, where solutions proven effective can be readily applied worldwide.

Collaborative Efforts and Cybersecurity

The Prime Minister welcomed the creation of a G20 virtual Global Digital Public Infrastructure Repository and stressed the importance of a common framework for digital public infrastructure. He commended endeavors aimed at simplifying cross-country assessments of digital competencies and the establishment of a virtual hub of excellence dedicated to enhancing digital skills.

Digital Technology for Inclusive Development

In conclusion, PM Modi highlighted the potential of technology for inclusive and sustainable development. He urged G20 nations to lay the groundwork for a prosperous and secure global digital future. His vision encompassed digital technology adoption by farmers and small businesses, the creation of a global digital health ecosystem, and responsible AI utilization—a blueprint for a brighter digital tomorrow.

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