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PM Modi Independece Day Address: Highlights Corruption, Dynasty, and Appeasement as Major Challenges for India’s Progress

PM Modi Independece Day Address emphasized the imperative of ridding the country from three significant obstacles: corruption, nepotism, and appeasement.

New Delhi,15 August (CityTimes): PM Modi Independece Day Address: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking from the historic Red Fort in Delhi, took a firm stance against Opposition parties today, addressing issues of nepotism and corruption that he believes are hindering the nation’s advancement. In his address, he emphasized the imperative of ridding the country from three significant obstacles: corruption, nepotism, and appeasement.

In a clear reference to the Congress party, the Prime Minister expressed concerns about certain challenges that have persisted within India’s system over the past 75 years. He called attention to the practice of dynastic politics followed by some parties, likening them to family enterprises. He highlighted the need for a collective effort to counter corruption, which he views as a roadblock to progress.

Discussing the issue of appeasement politics, PM Modi asserted that this approach has adversely affected social justice, indicating that it has prevented a fair and equitable distribution of resources and opportunities. He urged for a departure from such practices to ensure a just society for all citizens.

“I am dedicated to the well-being of every citizen. Even in my dreams, I envision a prosperous future for you, my fellow citizens. I consider you as part of my extended family,” the Prime Minister concluded, reinforcing his commitment to the nation’s growth and progress.

Prime Minister Modi’s address underscores the government’s ongoing commitment to addressing systemic challenges and creating a more inclusive and transparent India.

PM Modi’s Appeal for Peace

In a notable departure from his customary style, Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his speech by addressing a pressing concern – the recent surge of violence and atrocities against women in Manipur. He expressed deep distress over the wave of violence that had gripped the region in the past weeks. Lives were lost, and the honor of mothers and sisters was violated. However, amidst this distress, PM Modi assured the nation that peace was gradually returning to Manipur, emphasizing India’s unwavering support for the state.

Citizens as Family Members

Breaking away from tradition, PM Modi took an exceptional approach in his speech. Instead of addressing the 140 crore Indian citizens as “brothers and sisters,” he repeatedly referred to them as his “parivarjan” or family members. This shift in language underscored a sense of familial unity and shared responsibility that resonated throughout his address.

Empowering the Nation: Modi’s “Track Record”

PM Modi highlighted the achievements of his government, underscoring their commitment to empowering citizens and advancing the nation. He emphasized their impressive “track record,” showcasing the successful efforts to fulfill commitments and achieve various targets. A noteworthy assertion was PM Modi’s personal guarantee that India would ascend to become the world’s third-largest global economy within the next five years.

Democracy, Diversity, and Dreams: India’s Strengths

Drawing upon India’s unique attributes, PM Modi celebrated the power of “demography, democracy, and diversity.” He articulated how this trinity of strengths had the potential to materialize the nation’s dreams, referring to them as the “Triveni” that could lead India into a promising future.

From Poverty to Prosperity: Alleviation Efforts

PM Modi shifted the focus to poverty alleviation efforts, sharing a remarkable statistic: over the last five years, more than 13.5 crore individuals transitioned from poverty to join the neo-middle and middle classes. He expressed optimism that by India’s centenary Independence Day in 2047, the country would stand as a developed nation, a testament to the progress achieved.

A Colorful Start: Hoisting the National Flag

The scene shifted to the Red Fort, where PM Modi’s arrival was marked by a warm welcome from Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, Minister of State for Defence Ajay Bhatt, Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane, and the three service chiefs. The national flag was hoisted, and the event was embellished with the symbolic showering of flower petals by Advanced Light Helicopters Mark-III Dhruv of the Indian Air Force.

People’s Participation: “Jan Bhagidari” in Action

Highlighting the principle of “Jan Bhagidari” or people’s participation, around 1,800 individuals from diverse professions were specially invited as guests for the Independence Day program. This inclusive approach encompassed nurses, village leaders, teachers, farmers, and fishermen, exemplifying the government’s vision of collective involvement.

Waving the Flag: “Har Ghar Tiranga” Continues

The familiar initiative “Har Ghar Tiranga” – encouraging citizens to proudly display the national flag at their homes – persisted this year. PM Modi also extended his call to action to the digital realm, urging people to adopt social media profile images featuring the national flag.

Selfies and Celebrations: Showcasing Initiatives

To spotlight various government initiatives, Delhi was adorned with selfie points at iconic locations like the National War Memorial, India Gate, and Pragati Maidan. Adding an element of engagement, an online selfie contest was organized by the Defence Ministry through the MyGov portal, inviting citizens to participate from August 15 to 20.

Celebrating Freedom Under Vigilance: Tightened Security Measures

Amidst the jubilant celebrations at the Red Fort, the backdrop of stringent security measures couldn’t be ignored. A comprehensive security setup featured facial recognition cameras, anti-drone systems, and a substantial police presence, ensuring a safe environment. Unlike previous years, no Covid restrictions were imposed, providing a sense of normalcy to the proceedings.

In sum, PM Modi’s address encapsulated a multifaceted narrative, encompassing concerns, promises, achievements, and aspirations. As the Red Fort celebrations concluded, the nation stood united in its determination to forge a brighter future, drawing strength from its democratic essence, diverse fabric, and collective dreams.

Four Major Points of PM Modi speech:

  1. PM Modi Talks About Women, Middle Class, and Ending Evils in Last Pre-Election Independence Day Speech: PM Modi spoke from the Red Fort, saying India is focusing on women’s leadership, reducing poverty, and helping the middle class. He promised that in the next five years, the country will become one of the top economies. He also wants to fight against corruption, family-based politics, and giving special treatment to some groups. He believes these things have hurt the nation.
  2. PM Modi Supports Women and Youth for India’s Bright Future: PM Modi praised women’s groups and wants to make many women prosperous. He also believes that young people in India have a lot of potential and can do great things. He said the country is giving them opportunities to succeed.
  3. PM Modi Promotes Safety and Development for India: PM Modi said the country is now safer and peaceful, which helps in development. He talked about improving the military and stopping bad things from happening. He also mentioned that the government is using money wisely and stopping corruption.
  4. PM Modi Ends Independence Day Celebration with Hopeful Message: As India celebrated its 77th Independence Day, PM Modi gave a strong speech. He spoke about how India is getting better in many areas like space and technology. He promised that projects he started will be finished soon. He also mentioned how things are getting better in a place called Manipur. PM Modi wore a colorful turban and many special guests came to the celebration. This year’s celebration ended a special program for India’s 75 years of freedom.

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