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PM Modi Thrissur Roadshow : PM Empowering Women and Coastal Development Unleashed, Watch 1 Roadshow

PM Modi Thrissur Roadshow : A Blossoming Welcome and Political Collaboration

PM Modi Thrissur Roadshow : Thrissur – 03 Jan (City Times) : In a grand display of leadership and commitment to women’s empowerment, Prime Minister Narendra Modi conducted a spectacular roadshow in Thrissur, Kerala. The vibrant event unfolded as PM Modi, landing in Kerala after a special flight from Lakshadweep’s Agatti, embarked on a helicopter journey to Thrissur’s Kuttanalloor. The air buzzed with enthusiasm as the Prime Minister’s motorcade, accompanied by BJP state president K Surendran and actor-politician Suresh Gopi, was warmly welcomed by an ecstatic crowd.

As flower petals rained down on the Prime Minister, he reciprocated with waves of gratitude, creating a palpable connection with the cheering spectators. The journey continued to Naikkanal, where PM Modi is scheduled to address the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Mahila Conference. The conference, titled ‘Sthree Shakthi Modikk Oppam’ (Empower Women with Modi), is a commendation of the Prime Minister for successfully steering the Women’s Reservation Bill through both Houses of Parliament.

Empowering Women: The Heart of the Conference

The conference, set to take place at Thekkinkadu ground, underscores the transformative impact of empowering women in the political landscape. It reflects the BJP’s commitment to inclusivity and gender equality. This bold initiative aims to harness the strength of women in reshaping the socio-political narrative.

Inauguration of Lakshadweep Projects: A Testament to Visionary Governance

Earlier in the day, PM Modi inaugurated projects worth Rs 1,156 crores in Lakshadweep’s Kavaratti. His commitment to the development of remote regions was evident as he laid the foundation stone for initiatives aimed at bolstering the region’s infrastructure and connectivity.

Digital Revolution in Lakshadweep

During the inauguration, PM Modi announced the launch of the Kochi-Lakshadweep Submarine Optical Fiber Project, promising internet speeds in Lakshadweep that are 100 times faster. Reflecting on the government’s promise made in 2020, he expressed satisfaction in delivering on the commitment to provide fast and reliable internet connectivity to the islanders.

Heartfelt Gratitude and Developmental Milestones

Expressing his gratitude to the people of Lakshadweep, PM Modi remarked, “The area of Lakshadweep may be small, but its heart is huge.” He acknowledged the overwhelming love and blessings received during his visit. The Prime Minister emphasized the shift in priorities, citing a departure from historical neglect of border areas and those surrounded by the sea. In the last decade, his government has made these regions a focal point for development.

Interaction with Beneficiaries: Stories of Transformation

PM Modi’s engagement with beneficiaries showcased the tangible impact of government schemes. From the success stories of women’s self-help groups establishing restaurants to the transformative effect of Ayushman Bharat on healthcare, the anecdotes painted a vivid picture of positive change. The Prime Minister highlighted the comprehensive reach of schemes like PM-KISAN, Ujjwala Yojana, and more, affirming the commitment to inclusive development.

Conclusion: A Vision Realized

In conclusion, PM Modi’s roadshow in Thrissur and the subsequent events in Lakshadweep symbolize a vision realized. The commitment to women’s empowerment, coastal development, and inclusive governance reflects a leader dedicated to uplifting every section of society. As the Prime Minister continues his journey, the echoes of positive change and progress resonate, shaping a future where no one is left behind.

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