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President Draupadi Murmu Engages with PVTG Delegates in Chennai, Praises Government’s Efforts in Empowering Tribal Communities

Chennai, 06 August (City Times) : The president Draupadi Murmu, is in Chennai on a two-day visit. She interacted with the delegates of the PVTG (particularly vulnerable tribal group) community on Sunday afternoonat Rajbhavan. During her engagement with the delegates, the president stated that community members should come up for the good of the community since they understand their concerns and can work much better than others for the betterment of their society. I am pleased to see that members of this community are working for the betterment of society.

She praised the efforts of the federal and state governments, saying that we need to educate these individuals about the many government welfare schemes.

She praised the work of the federal and state governments and stated that we needed to inform the public about the many social initiatives offered by the government. I’m pleased to see that these locals have maintained their traditional forms of expression. Eight thousand tribal members now have their own homes thanks to a project of the central government. The majority of tribal people continue to reside in forested areas, and the central government has passed legislation requiring them to purchase patta for their homes. Reservations should be granted to these PVTG communities so that their children can attend school and work for the benefit of their society.

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