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Rahul Gandhi’s Riveting Lok Sabha Address: Emotional Revelation and Scathing Critique Bring House to Standstill

In an Emotionally Charged Speech, Rahul Gandhi Slams PM Modi’s Approach to Manipur Crisis

New Delhi, 09 August (City Times): Rahul Gandhi, the fiery Wayanad MP, seized the floor of the Lok Sabha at 12.10pm on Wednesday, captivating the nation with a speech that was as emotionally resonant as it was politically incisive. Gandhi, who recently regained his Lok Sabha membership following a Supreme Court intervention, began by expressing gratitude to Speaker Om Birla while tendering an apology for his previous mention of Adani, a move that stirred controversy.

Gandhi opened with a poetic touch, citing Rumi’s wisdom, and declared his intent to speak from the heart rather than the head, as he delved into his ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ or ‘Unite India’ campaign. He requested patience from his audience, promising a speech that would both inform and challenge.

“Revelation of Heart Overflows”

“Rumi once said that words spoken from the heart reach the heart. Today, I choose to speak not from my mind but from the depths of my heart,” Rahul Gandhi emphasized.

PM Modi’s Neglected Manipur Crisis

As the nation listened, Gandhi shifted the focus to a grave matter – the Manipur crisis. He asserted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s indifference to Manipur’s plight was evident in his failure to visit the region, implying that Manipur seemed to be excluded from India in Modi’s eyes. The MP went on to highlight the disturbing divisions within Manipur itself.

“You may hear the word Manipur, but the reality is that Manipur’s essence has been diminished within its own borders. Manipur has been torn in two,” Gandhi lamented, his words echoing through the chamber.

Unprecedented Interruption and a Single Question

In a moment of high drama, Kiren Rijiju, a prominent BJP representative, rose from his seat to interject. He had a single question for Rahul Gandhi, seeking to inquire about the Congress party’s actions in the northeast. The abrupt interruption led to a flurry of commotion, prompting Speaker Om Birla to call for order.

A Heartfelt Accusation: “Mother India’s Demise in Manipur”

Undeterred by the interruption, Rahul Gandhi pressed on, accusing the government of a grave transgression. He charged that Mother India had been slain in Manipur, metaphorically emphasizing the tragic consequences of the ongoing crisis. Drawing a poignant parallel, he stated, “One mother is here before you, while another mother has met her end in Manipur.”

With a resolute voice, Gandhi implored the government to heed the nation’s heart and act accordingly, asking, “If not the pulse of India, then whose voice does Prime Minister Modi hear?”

This speech marked Rahul Gandhi’s poignant return to the parliamentary stage, blending emotional revelations with an unflinching critique of the government’s actions. The Lok Sabha, stirred by his words, bore witness to a session that will surely be etched in India’s political history.

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