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Ram Lalla idol revealed : A glimpse into the new idol’s appearance ahead of auspicious consecration

Ram Lalla Idol : In a momentous occasion, the new idol of Lord Ram, set to grace Ayodhya’s Ram Temple, was unveiled recently.

Ram Lalla Idol : Ayodhya 19 jan 2024 (CITY TIMES). In a momentous occasion, the new idol of Lord Ram, set to grace Ayodhya’s Ram Temple, was unveiled recently. The much-anticipated ‘pran pratishtha’ or consecration ceremony is scheduled for Monday, adding a sense of sacred anticipation to the air.

An Artistic Marvel by Arun Yogiraj

Crafted by the skilled hands of Mysuru-based artist Arun Yogiraj, the 51-inch idol captures Lord Ram in his divine form, portraying the deity as a five-year-old child in a dignified standing posture. The black stone composition adds an extra layer of artistic and spiritual significance to the idol.

Sacred Rituals Surrounding the Ram Lalla Idol Placement

The ceremonious placement of the Ram Lalla idol within the sanctum sanctorum took place amid the resonating chants of prayers. The spiritual ambiance surrounding the event marks the beginning of a series of rituals leading up to the grand consecration ceremony.

Countdown to the ‘Pran Pratistha’ Rituals

Initiated on January 12, the rituals for the temple consecration are in full swing. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to perform the pivotal ‘Pran Pratistha’ on January 22. Led by prominent priest Lakshmikant Dixit, a dedicated team of priests is orchestrating the main rituals to sanctify the sacred space.

A Pious Commitment to Rituals

In the lead-up to the consecration ceremony, Prime Minister Modi is meticulously adhering to a set of rules and rituals. His participation in the sacred event is marked by deep spiritual commitment and reverence.

Humble Living Reflects Spiritual Devotion

Sources reveal that the Prime Minister, in his devotion to the occasion, has chosen to sleep on the floor with only a simple blanket. Opting for a minimalistic lifestyle, he has been sustaining himself solely on coconut water, symbolizing a humble and disciplined approach to the sacred event.

Prime Minister Modi’s Thoughtful Request to the Public

In a thoughtful gesture, Prime Minister Modi has urged the public to refrain from visiting Ayodhya on January 22, emphasizing the need to avoid any disruptions to the consecration ceremony. The plea resonates with a genuine concern for a serene and undisturbed environment during the auspicious rituals.

Inviting Devotees Post-Ceremony

With a considerate tone, the Prime Minister has extended an invitation for everyone to visit Ayodhya starting January 23. This gesture reinforces the inclusive spirit of the event, encouraging devotees to partake in the celebration once the sacred rituals are complete.

A Divine Unveiling and Unity in Devotion

The revelation of the Ram Lalla idol, coupled with the meticulous preparations and humble lifestyle choices of Prime Minister Modi, adds a profound layer of sanctity to the upcoming consecration ceremony. As the nation eagerly awaits this significant moment, the collective devotion and commitment to the rituals highlight the unity in spiritual diversity, setting the stage for a momentous and harmonious celebration in Ayodhya.

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