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Stabbing in Delhi: Horrific Delhi Street Murder: Teen Stabs Victim 60 Times, Murderer Dances Over Lifeless Body

Stabbing in Delhi: The heinous crime has sparked widespread outrage in the local community. Residents, local leaders, and community organizations are expressing their shock and demanding swift justice for the victim.

Stabbing in Delhi: The disturbing incident of an 18-year-old losing his life in such a brutal manner underscores the challenges society faces in ensuring the safety of its citizens.

New Delhi, 23 November(City Times): In a shocking incident in northeast Delhi’s Welcome area, an 18-year-old man fell victim to a gruesome murder, stabbed over 60 times by a 16-year-old assailant. The horrific act was captured by CCTV cameras, revealing a macabre scene of violence and dance. The motive behind this frenzied killing was reported to be robbery, with the accused allegedly stealing ₹350 from the victim. Delhi Street Murder CCTV Footage contains Horrific act of Murder on Camera where Murderer Dances Over Lifeless Body.

Delhi Street Murder Gruesome Crime Key Points:

1. Stabbing in Delhi CCTV Footage Reveals Shocking Details Teen Stabs Victim 60 Times

The terrifying incident occurred on Tuesday night when the accused attacked the victim, stabbing him repeatedly. CCTV footage exposes the brutal nature of the crime, showing the assailant dragging the lifeless body into an alley, stabbing the victim’s face, ears, and slicing his neck.

2. Delhi Street Murder Motive: Robbery for Biryani Money

Reports suggest that the motive behind the murder was to steal money to buy biryani, a tragic reason for such a heinous act. The accused allegedly strangled the victim, rendering him unconscious, before stabbing him mercilessly.

3. Delhi Street Murder: Dance of Death; Murderer Dances Over Lifeless Body

Perhaps more disturbingly, the CCTV footage captures the accused dancing over the lifeless body, adding a surreal and horrifying element to the crime. This act of violence was fuelled by a motive as trivial as robbing ₹350.

Delhi Street Murder Police Investigation and Arrest

1. Stabbing in Delhi Police Action

Following the incident, a PCR call was received at 11:15 pm, reporting the stabbing death in Janta Mazdoor colony. The victim, rushed to a hospital, was declared dead, prompting a swift police response.

2. Delhi Street Murder Accused Previous Criminal History

The accused, a 16-year-old, was arrested by the police. Shockingly, sources reveal that this minor had been involved in another murder case in 2022, also motivated by robbery. The police are treating this as part of a pattern involving a gang of three to four minors responsible for various violent crimes.

3. Influence of Intoxicants

During questioning, the accused claimed to be under the influence of intoxicants during the recent murder. This raises concerns about the accessibility of such substances to minors and their role in escalating violent crimes.

Societal Impact and Concerns

1. Tragic Loss and Community Impact

The victim, yet to be identified, became the unfortunate casualty of a crime that has left the community in shock. The brutality of the act raises questions about the safety of public spaces and the vulnerability of individuals, even in densely populated areas.

2. Delhi Street Murder and Call for Stringent Measures

This incident emphasizes the need for stringent measures to address juvenile crimes and emphasizes the importance of early intervention and rehabilitation programs. The repeat offense by the accused highlights potential gaps in the legal system.


The disturbing incident of an 18-year-old losing his life in such a brutal manner underscores the challenges society faces in ensuring the safety of its citizens. The shocking dance over the lifeless body captured on CCTV brings attention to the severity of the crime and the potential psychological issues involved. As investigations continue, it is crucial to address the root causes of such violence and work towards creating a safer environment for everyone.

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