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Toy Chief Minister : AIADMK General Secretary Accuses MK Stalin 0f ‘Toy Chief Minister’ Act, Denounces Corruption as Sole Triumph

Toy Chief Minister : AIADMK General Secretary Edappadi K Palaniswami Launches a Blistering Attack on DMK Government’s Performance

Chennai, 26 Dec (City Times): (Toy Chief Minister) : In a fiery address during the AIADMK General Council and Executive Committee meeting in Chennai, AIADMK General Secretary Edappadi K Palaniswami slammed the DMK government, labeling Chief Minister MK Stalin as a “toy Chief Minister” and attributing corruption as its sole achievement. Palaniswami criticized the government’s record, highlighting issues such as the postponement of the DMK Youth Wing Conference and recent controversies surrounding a DMK leader’s sentencing. The political heat in Tamil Nadu rises as the AIADMK leader takes center stage in critiquing the ruling party’s performance.

AIADMK General Secretary Edappadi K Palaniswami did not mince words as he launched a scathing attack on the DMK government in Tamil Nadu during the AIADMK General Council and Executive Committee meeting in Chennai. The former Chief Minister accused MK Stalin of acting like a “toy Chief Minister” and asserted that the DMK government’s achievements were marred by corruption.

“The DMK government is inactive, and MK Stalin acts as a toy Chief Minister. This government made an achievement in corruption. There are no other achievements by this government but corruption. Commission, collection, and corruption are DMK’s achievements, and all the departments are full of it. DMK is the only government in India that was dismissed for corruption,” stated Palaniswami.

Palaniswami did not spare DMK leader and TN Youth and Sports Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin, criticizing his comments on AIADMK’s Madhurai conference. “Udhayanidhi Stalin criticized the AIADMK’s Madurai conference. He said the DMK Youth Wing Conference won’t be like the AIADMK Conference. He said the DMK’s Salem Conference would set an example. After he said such things, the DMK Youth Wing Conference, which was scheduled at Salem, has been postponed three times,” added Palaniswami.

The AIADMK General Secretary urged restraint in political criticism, particularly when it comes to questioning the AIADMK’s political acumen. “When DMK criticizes AIADMK, they should have control over their tongue, as criticism of AIADMK being an amateur in politics cannot be accepted, and Udhayanidhi does not have any such right,” Palaniswami asserted.

Emphasizing the historical significance of AIADMK’s rule, Palaniswami claimed that Tamil Nadu became the number one state in India due to AIADMK’s governance under the guidance of M.G. Ramachandran (MGR) and Jayalalithaa. He highlighted the unique achievement of AIADMK, which ruled the state for 30 years, stating, “No party has ruled Tamil Nadu for 30 years like AIADMK.”

Palaniswami also addressed recent legal developments, referring to the sentencing of DMK leader K Ponmudi to three years of simple imprisonment in a disproportionate assets case. “Stalin always says that the AIADMK regime is full of corruption. But state people know who is in prison after doing corruption under which government. Recently, the court has sentenced one Minister, but few are still waiting for the sentence,” said Palaniswami.

The AIADMK leader did not shy away from commenting on the judiciary’s observations regarding the Chief Minister’s response to the legal proceedings. “Chennai High Court said that the CM could have removed that Minister from the cabinet. But still, he is in the cabinet, and the reason for this is that if he was removed, then he could talk about the CM, and CM too would go to his place. The present CM is scared of that, and that’s why he is silent on this,” added Palaniswami.

Touching on recent natural disasters, Palaniswami criticized CM MK Stalin’s response to the floods in Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu. “He (MK Stalin) did not go to Thoothukudi to meet people who are electing us; he did not have time for that but he went to Delhi to attend the INDIA alliance meeting as they need power to save this government, which is doing corruption in all departments,” said Palaniswami.

Responding to DMK’s questions on AIADMK’s stance on central government aid, Palaniswami emphasized that the primary focus should be on addressing people’s problems rather than engaging in political debates. “The state government should not escape by complaining against the central government, and in the same way, the central government, while understanding people’s problems, should also allocate required funds to the state,” he stated.

In his remarks about Udhayanidhi Stalin’s comments on ‘father’s money,’ Palaniswami criticized the DMK leader’s communication style. “Udhayanidhi Stalin does not know how to talk. He is an uncivilized minister. You can speak anything, but people would get affected by that. We are in the place of asking, and they are in the place of giving, so we need to ask in the right way, and we need to get the required relief funds to help people,” he added.

The ongoing verbal sparring between AIADMK and DMK reflects the charged political atmosphere in Tamil Nadu, with both parties gearing up for crucial battles in the coming years. As Palaniswami takes a strong stand against the DMK government, the political landscape in the state remains dynamic and unpredictable.

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