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Udhayanidhi Stalin on Sanatana Dharma : Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Firm Stance 0n ‘Sanatana Dharma’ Amid High Court Warning

Udhayanidhi Stalin on Sanatana Dharma : Upholding Freedom of Expression as a Pillar of Democracy

Chennai, November 6 (City Times) : (Udhayanidhi Stalin on Sanatana Dharma): Tamil Nadu Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin, who has been at the center of a controversy over his comments regarding “Sanatana Dharma,” remains resolute in his position, asserting that his remarks are in line with the ideologies of BR Ambedkar and Periyar.

Stalin’s Firm Commitment

Amid increasing pressure and scrutiny, Udhayanidhi Stalin refuses to retract his statements about “Sanatana Dharma.” During a press conference, he reiterated his unwavering commitment to his viewpoint, saying, “I stand by my statement on Sanatana Dharma. I will not back down, and I am prepared to address it legally. My words align with the views expressed by Ambedkar and Periyar.”

Prioritizing Humanity Over Position

In a statement that underlines his belief in the significance of human values over political roles, Udhayanidhi stressed, “One’s role as a Minister, MLA, or Youth Wing Secretary may exist today but might not tomorrow. Above all, we must prioritize our humanity.”

A Long-standing Discourse

Drawing attention to the long-standing discourse on the subject, Udhayanidhi remarked, “The issue of Sanatana Dharma has deep historical roots, and discussions surrounding it have persisted for centuries. At every juncture, we have raised our objections against it.” These comments come in light of recent observations made by Madras High Court Judge Justice G Jayachandran concerning the matter.

High Court’s Call for Responsible Speech

Justice Jayachandran, in his statement, cautioned individuals in positions of authority to be mindful of the potential consequences of their words and act responsibly. He emphasized the need to refrain from propagating views that could divide people along ideological, caste, or religious lines. The Judge remarked, “It is incumbent upon those in positions of authority to be cognizant of the potential for their words to sow division and must conduct themselves responsibly, refraining from endorsing perspectives that might create schisms along lines of ideology, caste, and religion.”

Concerns Over Police Inaction

The Justice expressed concerns about the police’s inaction against the organizers of the event where the “Sanatana Dharma” speech was delivered. He described this inaction as a “dereliction of duty” on the part of the police and pointed out the participation of some members of the ruling party and Ministers in the event. Justice Jayachandran noted, “Some members of the ruling party and Ministers participated in the event aimed at eradicating ‘Sanatana Dharma,’ and no action has been taken by the police against them, which amounts to a dereliction of duty on the part of the Police.”

Public Outrage and Apprehensions

Justice Jayachandran also voiced the public’s outrage regarding the behavior of individuals who have sworn an oath of office. He pointed out, “Considering the police’s inability to take action against those who delivered incendiary speeches advocating the elimination of ‘Sanatana Dharma,’ there is now a petition to organize a gathering aimed at abolishing ‘Dravidian Ideology.” He articulated his concerns that such endeavors could exacerbate disturbances in public peace and harmony.

Political Storm and Udhayanidhi’s Firm Stand

Udhayanidhi Stalin’s comments regarding opposing or eradicating “Sanatana Dharma” stirred a significant political controversy, with some allies of the DMK government opting not to engage in the controversy. However, Udhayanidhi has remained resolute, firmly standing by his statement and refusing to modify or retract his viewpoint.

Conclusion: Standing Strong in the Face of Controversy

In the midst of a brewing storm, Udhayanidhi Stalin’s unwavering commitment to his perspective on “Sanatana Dharma” demonstrates his unwavering spirit. The Madras High Court’s caution reminds us of the responsibility that comes with positions of authority and the need for careful speech. Udhayanidhi’s refusal to back down from his statement reflects his dedication to the values and principles he believes in. This episode highlights the complex balance between freedom of expression and the promotion of unity and harmony within society.

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