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Vikram lander Soft Landing Live UPDATE: India is On The Moon, Chandrayaan-3 Lander Module Successfully Touched The Moon Surface, PM Modi Said -This Is Jaighosh Of New India

Vikram lander Soft Landing Live: Chandrayaan-3’s mission enters a pivotal phase as it prepares to initiate the Automatic Landing Sequence (ALS)

Chennai, 22 August(City Times): Vikram lander Soft Landing Live:In a historic triumph, India’s Chandrayaan-3 moon mission has achieved a triumphant soft landing near the moon’s South Pole, sparking jubilation among millions and elevating India’s status to an esteemed member of the global space fraternity. This remarkable feat marks India as the inaugural nation to successfully reach the South Pole, a significant milestone spurred by the discovery of water traces on the moon’s surface. The momentous touchdown was celebrated at 6:04 pm amidst resounding cheers within the confines of the ISRO’s space agency’s war room.

Addressing the nation from South Africa via an online platform, Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the success of Chandrayaan-3’s landing on the moon as a “precious and unprecedented” moment. He described it as the “jaighosh” (triumphant victory cry) of new India, signifying the collective strength of its 1.4 billion citizens. The accomplishment was likened to the “amrit varsha” (showers of nectar) in this transformative “amrit kaal” (golden era), illustrating the significance of this achievement in the nation’s journey of progress and innovation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, attending the 15th BRICS Summit in Johannesburg, celebrated a momentous achievement for India. While at the summit, he witnessed a live telecast of India’s successful lunar landing and proudly waved the tricolour flag.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, currently attending the BRICS Summit in South Africa, virtually joined the jubilant celebrations as the country accomplished this remarkable feat. As the space agency chairperson exclaimed, “India is on the moon,” the nation entered an exclusive league that includes Russia, the United States, and China – all of whom have previously achieved controlled landings on the moon.

The successful landing marked a significant turnaround after a series of challenges. Just days ago, a Russian probe faced a crash in the same lunar region, highlighting the complexities of such missions. India’s achievement also comes after its own setback in 2019, when a previous lunar landing attempt did not go as planned. The Chandrayaan-3 mission, launched almost six weeks ago with a spectacular launch witnessed by thousands of enthusiastic spectators, managed to overcome multiple hurdles during its journey to the moon.

Although the Chandrayaan-3 mission took longer to reach the moon compared to the swift Apollo missions of the 1960s and 1970s, its success is a testament to India’s determination and progress in space exploration. While the Apollo missions reached the moon in a matter of days, India’s mission demonstrated the country’s advancements and resilience in overcoming challenges that arise during intricate space endeavors. With this achievement, India proudly cements its place in the annals of space exploration history.

Successful Lunar Touchdown:
The Vikram lander, carrying the Pragyaan rover, executed a meticulously planned descent to the moon’s surface. The countdown gradually decreased from 150 meters to 130, 50, and finally touched down gently on the lunar surface. This achievement marks a significant milestone in India’s space exploration journey and a well-deserved culmination of years of hard work by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation).

India’s Place in History:
With this successful lunar landing, India becomes the fourth country, following the United States, China, and Russia, to accomplish such a feat. Notably, India is the first to achieve a touchdown on the moon’s south side, securing a unique place in the annals of space exploration. This accomplishment garnered global attention, with billions of people eagerly watching, particularly following Russia’s Luna-25 spacecraft’s recent crash.

The highly anticipated Chandrayaan-3 mission is poised to created history as it made soft landing on the moon’s surface this evening. The entire journey was streamed live on ISRO‘s digital platforms and the DD National TV channel offering a ringside view of this remarkable feat.

Chandrayaan-3’s ALS Initiation

With all systems in place, Chandrayaan-3’s mission enters a pivotal phase as it prepares to initiate the Automatic Landing Sequence (ALS). This marks a significant step towards a precise moon landing, demonstrating India’s evolving space prowess.

Vikram lander Soft Landing
Chandrayaan-3 Mission control On High Alert

Eagerly Awaiting Lunar Connection

The mission control is now on high alert, awaiting the arrival of the Lander Module (LM) at the designated point, anticipated at approximately 17:44 Hrs. IST. This critical moment is set to define the next stages of the mission.

Powering Controlled Descent

As the ALS command is transmitted, the LM springs into action, activating its throttleable engines for a controlled powered descent. This orchestrated maneuver showcases the precision with which the mission has been designed and executed.

Vikram lander Soft Landing Live
Photo Credit-ISRO

Seamless Command Execution

Behind the scenes, the mission operations team is diligently working to ensure the flawless execution of commands. The sequential confirmation of each step adds to the assurance that the journey is proceeding as planned.

Live Glimpse into the Action

For those eager to witness this remarkable sequence, the live telecast of operations at MOX (Mission Operations Complex) begins at 17:20 Hrs. IST. This real-time insight provides a window into the intricate choreography unfolding in the realm of space exploration.

Aiming for Lunar Excellence

Chandrayaan-3’s ALS initiation is a testament to the dedication of India’s space scientists and engineers. The mission represents a steadfast commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving new frontiers in lunar exploration.

Steadfast Steps Toward Success

With meticulous planning, strategic execution, and unwavering determination, Chandrayaan-3 inches closer to realizing its objectives. The ALS initiation is a reminder of the scientific acumen and technological finesse that have propelled India’s space endeavors.

Unveiling the Lunar Mysteries

As ALS begins, it sets the stage for the next phases of the mission, where the LM will engage in a meticulously orchestrated descent. The voyage of discovery continues, unlocking the moon’s secrets and unraveling mysteries that lie beyond our planet.

Nation’s Gaze on Lunar Horizon

The ALS initiation isn’t just a scientific achievement; it’s a moment that resonates with the hopes and aspirations of a nation. As Chandrayaan-3’s journey unfolds, it inspires generations and reaffirms India’s prowess on the global space stage.

India’s Leap into Lunar Firsts

India is on the cusp of becoming the first country to achieve a moon landing at the lunar south pole. This remarkable endeavor is set to redefine the possibilities of lunar exploration and showcases India’s burgeoning space capabilities.

Vikram Lander: The Stellar Descent

The mission reached a crucial milestone as the Vikram Lander, named in honor of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, successfully detached from the propulsion module and transitioned to a lower orbit. It is now poised for a delicate and precise landing at approximately 6:04 PM IST.

Where to Witness the Spectacle

The world can witness this historic landing through multiple channels. The event will be broadcasted live on Doordarshan TV, ISRO’s official website, and its social media platforms, including YouTube and Facebook. Tune in to experience the momentous landing firsthand.

Countdown to Lunar Touchdown

The countdown for this extraordinary event begins at 5:20 PM IST, where viewers will be able to watch the intricate landing operations unfold. The live broadcast will commence at 5:27 PM IST on August 23rd across ISRO’s digital platforms and the DD National TV channel.

Journey of Preparation and Precision

The Chandrayaan-3 mission, which was launched on July 14, has been a journey of meticulous planning and flawless execution. A series of strategic orbit adjustments culminated in the separation of the landing module on August 17, setting the stage for the grand finale.

Vikram Lander’s Lunar Quest

The Vikram lander is currently engaged in a search for an optimal landing site on the moon’s surface. If successful, India will join the elite ranks of the US, Russia, and China as the fourth nation to accomplish a soft lunar landing.

Probing the Lunar Mysteries

Chandrayaan-3’s Pragyan rover, following the landing, will embark on an exploration mission to uncover the moon’s secrets. Equipped to search for water and analyze the moon’s chemical composition, Pragyan will provide valuable insights during its Earth-equivalent lunar day mission.

A Nation’s Pride, A Global Inspiration

Chandrayaan-3’s quest for lunar excellence is not just India’s pride; it’s a moment that reverberates globally. The mission symbolizes the spirit of exploration and human ingenuity that knows no boundaries, extending our reach to the celestial bodies beyond our planet.

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