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Love Triangle Drama Unfolds: SDM Jyoti Maurya Alleges Husband Possesses Private Photos

Jyoti Maurya expresses her intention to pursue a future with Home Guard Commandant Manish Dubey

  • Ongoing departmental inquiries and bribery allegations further complicate the situation.
  • A viral Rajasthani song calls for justice and highlights Jyoti’s alleged betrayal of her husband.
  • Public reactions vary, with supporters on both sides, as the controversy continues to make headlines.
Summary: In a dramatic turn of events, SDM Jyoti Maurya accuses her husband of possessing her private photos and potentially making them viral. She expresses her desire to move forward with Home Guard Commandant Manish Dubey. The controversy has sparked public reactions, with a viral Rajasthani song calling for justice. Meanwhile, allegations of bribery and ongoing departmental inquiries add to the complexity of the situation. The love triangle saga continues to captivate attention and fuel discussions.

Lucknow, 15 july(City Times): The ongoing controversy surrounding SDM Jyoti Maurya, her husband Alok Maurya, and Home Guard Commandant Manish Dubey has taken a new twist. Jyoti Maurya has made serious allegations against her husband, claiming that he possesses her private pictures and could potentially make them viral. In a media interview, Jyoti revealed that Alok hacked her WhatsApp account, gaining access to intimate photos and sensitive documents. Meanwhile, she expressed her desire to move forward with Manish Dubey and shed light on his childless status.

Allegations against Husband Alok:

Jyoti Maurya has raised grave concerns about her husband, Alok Maurya, who allegedly possesses her private photos. She has urged the Uttar Pradesh Police to take immediate action to prevent the potential misuse and viral spread of these photos. Jyoti also stated that Alok is resorting to emotional manipulation and emphasized that she has filed for divorce in the family court, with the next hearing scheduled for 18th August. Additionally, she addressed the ongoing departmental inquiry into bribery allegations, stating her willingness to provide answers when requested by higher officials.

Sequence of Events:

The controversy came to light when Alok Maurya, a resident of Prayagraj, accused his wife, Jyoti Maurya, of infidelity, alleging an affair with Home Guard Commandant Manish Dubey. The departmental inquiry against Manish Dubey has concluded, potentially leading to his suspension. Meanwhile, Jyoti claims that Alok is pressuring her for a settlement, demanding 50 lakhs in cash and other requirements.

Accusations of Conspiracy and Threats:

Alok Maurya, husband of Jyoti Maurya and General Manager at a sugar mill in Bareilly, has made serious allegations against Jyoti and police officer Manish Dubey. Alok claims that the two conspired to have him killed and even possesses WhatsApp chats as evidence of this alleged plot. The once harmonious family dynamics took a bitter turn when Jyoti became involved with Manish Dubey. Alok discovered explicit chats between Jyoti and Manish after she logged into her Facebook account from one of their home phones. When confronted, Jyoti reportedly threatened Alok with imprisonment, escalating the tensions within the family.

Public Reaction and Viral Song:

The dispute between SDM Jyoti Maurya and her husband Alok Maurya has garnered significant attention, with people sharing their opinions and reactions. Social media platforms have witnessed the circulation of photos, videos, and even songs related to the controversy. Recently, a Rajasthani song composed by singers Jagdish Gurjar Gorasia and Chanda Prajapat has gone viral. The song portrays Jyoti’s alleged betrayal of Alok and appeals to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for justice, highlighting the need to address the issue and remove Jyoti from her position.

Manish Dubey’s Professional Journey and Love Marriage:
Manish Dubey, currently serving as the Commandant of Home Guard in Ghaziabad, had a previous career as a software engineer. He hails from Pratappur block in Sultanpur district and is reported to be 33 years old. Dubey’s love marriage took place at an Arya Samaj temple near Aliganj.

Achievements in UPPSC Exam:
Dubey’s notable accomplishment came in 2015 when he successfully passed the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) exam, securing an impressive 42nd rank. This achievement led to his appointment as the District Commandant on June 27, 2016, after completing a two-year probation period. Subsequent transfers to Amroha and Sonbhadra districts followed, and he eventually assumed the role of Home Guard Commandant in Ghaziabad on July 28, 2022.

Transfer Controversy and Current Posting:
In light of the controversy surrounding Jyoti, Manish Dubey was transferred from Ghaziabad to Mahoba. The exact reasons for this transfer and the implications on his professional career are yet to be fully determined. The transfer highlights the challenges faced by both individuals involved in the alleged love triangle, further intensifying public interest in their personal and professional lives.
Transfer Controversy and Current Posting

Saga continues to captivate attention:

The SDM Jyoti Maurya and Alok Maurya saga continues to captivate attention as new developments unfold. The allegations of possession of private photos, emotional manipulation, and the involvement of Home Guard Commandant Manish Dubey have added complexity to the situation. As the controversy persists, public reactions, including the creation of songs expressing various perspectives, reflect the wide-ranging opinions on this ongoing dispute.

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