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CM Arvind Kejriwal Arrest : “U-Turn Allegations: Sambit Patra Accuses INDIA Allies of Backtracking on Kejriwal Criticism”

CM Arvind Kejriwal Arrest : Opposition’s Alleged Flip-flop: Sambit Patra’s Critique

New Delhi, March 23 (City Times) : CM Arvind Kejriwal Arrest : Amidst the political storm following Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest in the excise policy case, BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra has launched a scathing attack on INDIA parties, accusing them of performing a U-turn in their stance towards the AAP leader. Patra highlighted the apparent shift in position, asserting that several leaders who previously denounced Kejriwal as corrupt are now rallying behind him.

CM Arvind Kejriwal Arrest : Patra’s Verdict: Corruption Allegations and Political Expediency

Addressing the media, Patra expressed disdain towards what he deemed as attempts by corrupt leaders to seek immunity from legal scrutiny under the guise of political exigencies. He criticized the notion of demanding immunity merely on the pretext of engaging in electoral activities, labeling it as a distortion of democratic principles.

Congress’ Reversal: From Criticism to Collaboration

Drawing attention to the Congress’ evolving stance, Patra underscored the stark contrast between their earlier criticism of Kejriwal’s excise policy and their current alignment with him. He referenced past press conferences where senior Congress leaders vehemently criticized Kejriwal, only to witness a sudden reversal of position within the INDI alliance.

Rahul Gandhi’s Contradictions: Smriti Irani’s Charge of Double Standards

Patra echoed Union Minister Smriti Irani’s critique of Rahul Gandhi’s alleged double standards, citing instances where the Congress leader adopted divergent positions on corruption allegations in Delhi and Telangana. He questioned the inconsistency in Gandhi’s approach, challenging the credibility of his statements across different contexts.

The recent arrest of Chief Minister Kejriwal by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has triggered widespread condemnation from opposition leaders. Patra highlighted the severity of the criticism directed at the BJP-led central government for the arrest, signaling escalating tensions within the political landscape. CM Arvind Kejriwal Arrest

In response to Kejriwal’s arrest, the AAP announced plans to stage a protest outside the Prime Minister’s residence. This proactive response underscores the party’s determination to challenge what they perceive as political vendetta and unjust legal actions.

Case Background: Excise Policy Scandal and Subsequent Arrests

The excise policy case, which forms the backdrop of Kejriwal’s arrest, revolves around allegations of irregularities and money laundering in the formulation and implementation of Delhi’s excise policy. The arrest of Kejriwal and other AAP leaders, including Manish Sisodia and Sanjay Singh, reflects the ongoing legal battles surrounding the scandal.

Kavitha’s Arrest: Parallel Investigations and Political Ramifications

Kejriwal’s arrest coincides with the ED’s investigation into money laundering charges linked to the excise policy, culminating in the arrest of Bharat Rashta Samithi (BRS) leader K Kavitha. The interconnected nature of these arrests underscores the broader implications for political dynamics in both Delhi and Telangana. CM Arvind Kejriwal Arrest

As the political saga surrounding Kejriwal’s arrest unfolds, accusations of U-turns and double standards reverberate within the political arena. Patra’s allegations of political expediency and opportunism underscore the deep-rooted tensions and complexities inherent in India’s political landscape. Against the backdrop of legal battles and electoral dynamics, the trajectory of this unfolding narrative remains fraught with uncertainty.

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